A ‘Focus’ expedition

Recently some collaborators from Focus ventured to a village in lincolnshire to an abandoned psychiatric hospital as part of an on going project documenting the decay of once established buildings.

The asylum has clearly been disturbed many times before due to the graffiti evident, the broken car batteries and over all demolition to various aspects of the building, yet it still retains a sense of calm.

This collection of images come from three collaborators, whose style’s differ greatly; but still create the same eerie atmosphere of a once thriving establishment fallen into disrepair.

The project will expand into other abandoned and derelict places, trying to offer an insight into the environment which has been created through a combination of nature and human destruction.

Here are just a few of the images from that day.

Matt Brodigan can be found at Flikr Page<——–

Jeanine Marteau can be found at Website<——–

Graham Cooling can be found at Website<——–

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