I’m writing this the day after I’ve climbed Snowdon mountain, as wiki says it “is the highest mountain in Wales, at an altitude of 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level, and the highest point in the British Isles outside Scotland.” And I am soo achey! It was really worth it though :) for the amazing views and the sense of achievement when you’re stood on the summit, I’m just happy it didn’t rain hehe anyway I was crazy enough to do this but it was for charity and I helped raise over £500 for this:

“Nugent Care service, Nazereth House. Naz House is a childrens Villa that offers respite to 60 children aged between 6-17 on a rolling programme, the children all have severe learning and or physical disabilities. At the moment the service are fundraising for a Sensory Garden for the children, which will feature colourful plants, chimes and activities. We want the Snowdon walk money to go towards providing the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ style pathway that would lead the children around their new Sensory Garden. The pathway would be made of different surfaces, allowing the children to feel different materials under their feet and chairs.”

I’ve currently spent the last hour in between writing this uploading images to my flickr and facebook photography page, whittling down over 250 images to 70 and then 40- a fairly difficult task when you want to show everyone everything, but I guess people only want see hills so many times… it’s not like you can’t got see go to google image right now and type in “Snowdon” or find a postcard of it in your house. I did keep this in mind when I was happy snapping and I wanted to bring something new to the other hundreds of snowdon images you can find on flickr, I was just unsure how to do this – especially seeing as there were other’s with cameras on this trip getting similar shots to me with smaller and trendier and zoomier cameras with flashier lenses in all their newness. I did want to take my 35mm but its was soo heavy and I struggle with a bad back anyway- the backpack was bad enough! Then there was my new bronica but the same issue arose, so with my old nikon DSLR I went about capturing this beautiful scenery in the sun (thank god) trying not to think about how many other people would have the same shot.

However, when we got to the top (yay!) legs killing and catching my breath for the 84th time, I had a quick look through my images (before we went to the cafe- what a surprise, I had signal too! What the flim flam!? Either way it was funny to update my status to tell everyone I was have a coffee at the summit hehe) and I was just so proud of what I’d done and the lovely images. I felt that again tonight as I was looking and painfully sieving through them again, not wanting to cut so many out but kept the best ones to show. I’m going to have to cut them down again to out on here, so they are the elites- I have been strict. Well I want to go back with medium format so you have that to look out for :)

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