A jaunt to Cleethorpes – Focus Photography

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Every so often The Focus Project takes a field trip, and being photographers, film-makers and such they cannot resist taking images.

So for this this jaunt they went to Cleethorpes; Focus members Jeanine and Graham went to explore the seaside town of the north, of course they couldn’t go in the summer when is the usual time instead they had to go on a day which was gloomy dark and over all over cast. So for a treat for ya here are some images from Graham’s camera.

Graham’s originally from Scunthorpe the garden down of the north east and so his child hood often involved trips to Cleethorpes and it’s never really chirped up as a town but there is a certain love for it’s decrepidness.

For more of his work go to www.grahamcooling.co.uk

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