Book Review : Science Ink By Carl Zimmer

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Book Review : Science Ink by Carl Zimmer

Tattoos in the last few years have been taken to a new level, they are no longer made for just bikers and the conscripted they now belong in every walk of life from the religious preacher to the librarian. The idea of Tattooing in every walk of life intrigues me as a lot of people don’t think about what is going onto their skin; What they want  it more as a fad or a social symbol, getting something your friends will think are cool is apparently more important than getting something meaningful on your skin.

Another person interested in the mystery of tattooing is Carl Zimmer He began noticing that the scientific community were more and more sporting tattoos which reflected their field! so reaching out through his blog he began compiling a collection of the scientific ink.

I love this book, it is one of those texts you see in a store and rather than thinking “why have they published another book of skull and rose tattoos…” Your taken aback by the genius and inventive ink inside the book. It also contains some ingenious jokes and scientific intellectuality which may be lost on some people who don’t have an interest in science. Everything from genetics and physics to mathematics are included and every section of geek-dom has been conquered by the vibrating pen.

But the really great thing about this book is each image is accompanied by the story of the individual who claimed it; so not only do you get to see the fantastic artwork you get to find out the meaning behind the ink, the story to the illustration, Carl Zimmer has crafted a book which covers all the bases.

This is one of my favourite tattoos from the book though it’s so hard to choose! there’s the Null symbol,, the equations tats, the chemical symbols, every page I look into makes me want to book myself in down the road and get myself some new ink. I think the reason I enjoy the book is the fact I’m sporting a tattoo which could easily end up in the pages of this book ( Leonardo Davinci’s Vitruvian Man) and the Tattoos I have planned for the future all involve some aspect of Science and Geek affiliation.

I sincerely suggest you go out and buy this book if you have any interest in science, contemporary culture or just tattoos in general!

You never know you might learn something!

If your interested in buying the book you can do so here!

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  1. Ionut says:

    I have no ttootas (yet) but I love the idea of a literary one. I just have trouble deciding what I would get.What literary quote are you thinking of going for?I don’t know if this is a trend that bookishness is on the rise or that ttootas are losing even more of the negative stigma so more and more people are willing to get them, bookish people being less likely to get inked in the past.