Get involved with THE FOCUS PROJECT!

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Do you want to get invloved in a project? of course you do! The Focus Project Is currently supporting one of it’s members endevours at a collaborative project on youtube.

Graham is attempting to get 100 videos together all ten seconds longĀ  in order to makeĀ  one large video, each 10 second video will be subimitted by one of the audience ( that’s you guys) and will be on reasons to live!

This time of year is fraught with depression for some and they really struggle to find joy in the seasons ( probably one of the reasons Christmas was invented :P ) and so Graham thought it would be a great idea to find some great things about the world to show everyone to submit something positive into the internet which is filled with so much trolling and ignorance towards surroundings. The video below explains it alot better than I can here.

We are all getting invloved here at the project and we want you to get involved as well! We know you have phones, laptops, camera’s, they all have the ability to create videos and you only need to make something which is ten seconds long! Hell you can be creative with it and make a 10 second animation, make a timelapse with a voice over go abstract with it! It doesn’t matter as long as your submitting videos and contributing to the project.

So please share this post, share the vid, get people involved and participate to create something for the better.

You can follow Graham’s progress in his weekly uncut blogs on his channel and on

We think it’s a great project and a great idea but it’s up to you guys to get it moving!


If you yourself have an idea or a project which needs some exposure or participants feel free to drop us an e-mail at via our contact form on our website and we shall see what we can do!


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