Book review – SHUT UP AND SHOOT – Freelance Video Guide.

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As you know every once in a while we review books which get sent to us and this week we have a doosy of a book!

I love a good book and I think at least 60 percent of my reading in the past two years has been instructional guides and textbooks for making better and higher quality videos, books which outline processes in simple and quick language are more valuable each day as technology is steadily progressing quicker than companies can publish. But the basics of film and video making never change, three-point lighting, hand-held or tripod all are technique you need to master to become an astute film maker. So when this book landed in my inbox I was dubious, there are hundreds of these books in my world, I own about three of these such guides,  they are great for reference points great for solving problems you havent encountered before, but some of them can be terrible, making things too complex, making things too flowery in language, they need to be usable by all levels of your crew from the runner to the director and so an easy to understand manual is more than handy.

This text is one of the good ones, after ten minutes of reading I hadn’t learnt anything which I didn’t already know but they were things which I had only learnt a couple years before, for any student, any independent I think this book is valuable, it covers all aspect of video making and rather than separating the chapters into techniques such as special effects, crane cam etc it is separated into chapters of video type, documentary, promo video etc which is great it means you don’t get lost searching for the type of advise you want or need.

It’s a very nice text covering the basics to the more complex aspects of film; explaining things in a nice manner than can be easily ingested, some textbooks you only touch in a pinch or when you really need to search for an answer where as Shutt up and shoot is written in such a way that you can browse it or read it like you would a fiction, its comfortable and incisive I say go out and get it!

If you would like to purchase it you can here!

I’d suggest bookmarking as I have been exploring it and it has a wealth of great books and information.


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