The world of Blip…

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The world of Blip…
an online photo journal. 
is a fast growing online community of over one million visitors from all around the world, who all login and share a similar interest. To tell their stories, one photo a day. Each day allows you to upload one photo to your journal.Which means you search for unique beauty and inspiring images in your life to capture for your journal. You publish your entry with a title & description were you can be creative and free, so if you are a professional or aspiring photographer  or just a day to day shutterbug….Who loves the camera and creating images, Blip is welcoming to ALL.
Some users choose to upload to their journal everyday, others once a month. That choice is your own. So while you are building your journal day by day, you can check out tutorials, to learn and develop your skills. Also you can join  groups with people who have the same passion for subjects you do, such as cycling, food, animals!
All kind of different group! You can set yourself to the 365 project and subscribe to journals you enjoy! Interact with other online users, by comments and messages.
The site is well moderated to restrict any inappropriate content. My experience with my online journal, has been fantastic. It has helped me find confidence in myself and work as a photographer, as well as see the world in a different light through other users daily uploads.
Whatever your reason is,
To keep track and storage of your photographs,
or just to keep in touch with family and friends.
BLIP is just a click away to an extraordinary
get away from reality and lose yourself deep in photography one day at a time.
Let your addiction begin…

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