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Back in October we covered the Hasselblad Masters competition in which I featured the work of prominent artist Atoine Buttafoghi and after doing so we managed to get in contact with this mysterious figure, which gave me chance to really explore the length and breadth of his work!

I have been memorized by Antoines work since first seeing it on the Masters comp! its stunning, what initially attracted me was the similarity to my own films he uses a layering technique in his images to create poetry with his concepts. Something which I always use in my imagery combining the meanings within an image to create something twice as powerful.

“I take photographs of daily life in order to extract images where the real and fantasy converge.”- Antoine Buttafoghi

There is a visual poetry to the work, so many overlapping sentiments and styles it is hard to put your finger on just what your viewing at times, but in any sense they images are spell binding they draw you in the compositions and tones giving each image its own individual flair. It is hard to tell if the images are taken specifically for composition or separately and come together in happy accidents I think probably the former as when you look at Atoines none composite images there is such a degree of care taken with their own composition that to say they were anything other than finely crafted pieces of fine art imagery would be a sheer misjudgment of the work.


I definitely suggest you all check out his work I have fallen for it, it’s the kind of work which makes me envious that my own imagery does not reach this level. It’s inspiring to see more simple forms of photographed composition in an age of digital manipulation and digital touch ups, to simply over lap images and form concepts within those twisted lines is fantastic!

All images copyright Atoine Buttafoghi

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