Curly Wurly 9/4/12


Well, it’s been a while since I posted a blog on Focus unfortunately, I hadn’t missed a week since my uni deadlines last year, but instead of listing excuses- most of which involve moving house and starting my new old job and getting my schedule together, I’ll just dive right in.

The best , i use and I feel better ! All the medications one can see in our product lists are generic.

Well, again, I say dive but I won’t be discussing a practitioner this week. I was completely put off by my list of things/ images/ work/ artists/ movements to write about so whilst I’m getting back on track I’ll be starting off easy. I do have at least two blogs that I’ve started but never got around to finishing, I even tried to complete a large photo blog but my eyes were too big for my belly, or hands and brain in this case. There will be articles on the way though :) and the good news is that my website if finally up and running again! Whoop! After over a year of complications with the old provider who were completely unhelpful, tried to take more money from me and still have not released my url even though my contract ended months ago.. Oh well, my new one is up and running and looking mighty fine: 

I hope :P let me know what you think. I was really picky about the theme and layout and ended up changing it’s look at least four times- I don’t now if I’m 100 percent happy with it now, I was at first but now I’m all mmmeh. So I’m going to discuss web design to an extent and getting your website up and running. I won’t lie, I don’t know a lot about web design other than web designers are always needed when you search for any sort of creative job on jobsites.. and I did have help getting set up briefly from someone who had more experience with wordpress.

There were a few themes that looked either “too magaziney” or “too bloggy” or “too hipster” or generally not professional enough for a photography website for someone who didn’t want to just sell prints of a pretty flower. Not that I’m picky or fussy in any way.. I just wanted something clean, something that didn’t look like everyone else’s website or looked identical to a tumblr page. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. But I guess to have that I would have had to write all of my own html or whatever and let’s face it I’m not doing that :P at the moment..

Picking content was a fairly easy process once I created the pages etc because I told myself this would basically be my online portfolio- only the best of the best images. Different from my website the first time around where I wanted to put pretty much everything up. Since that failure I had to find other outlets to get my work out and about and did the things I said I wouldn’t do, the main one being making a facebook page for my photography. Before this I always told myself that facebook photography pages were not professional and were for people who just happened to have a camera and thought they were photographers.. well it still kind of is that but I used this as the way of getting aaalllll of my work displayed like I initially wanted. I was more select with flickr (I was bored at this point and felt I should fill all of the social media gaps) and with tumblr I went back to “This is everything! because I’ll have only a select few on my website” which is very true.

I guess it’s easier now to get all of your work out but you should still have the professional portfolio separate from the work that you just like. Then there’s the big difference (if you have one) between the corporate work- work you want to get paid for and the more artistic images- the works you want to be known for and want that work up in galleries eventually.

It’s easier now for people to view your work thanks to the sites I’ve mentioned above, but saying that everyone else has a flickr or page for their photography (if you can class some of it as photography) so maybe it makes it harder to get your work picked up amongst everyone else’s.. This is were marketing comes in to play. Find your niche, your audience. I’m very against those who change their style to fit into whatever is popular or “in” but if it just so happens to be the area that you want to be in, then get shooting, but don’t follow the trends or sell out just to get noticed, even if it is hard to stand out from the other people who work in your genre who also have a tumblr for their work. Unfortunately I feel that the days were you could just be good something and get noticed for it without trying are gone, now you need to cover all of the social media websites, never mind about your talent getting you noticed- you need to advertise your facebook page and get “like”s instead, because obviously that is a measure of your success… I tell you what, vintage is still in- go and do a vintage style shoot then everyone will love you.

Rant over, my apologies and I hope I’m just being cynical and what I just said isn’t actually true :P prove me wrong world, prove me wrong.

You know what I’m not going to end it like that. I know for a fact that there are people and collectives out there who do appreciate actual work, concept and skill because Focus is one of them :)

Anyway, I wasn’t happy with my last few blogs before my wee hiatus so hopefully I’ll be back on form after my break! Stay Tuned.

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