Curly Wurly 19/4/12


Still getting back into the swing of writing after my unexpected hiatus so I’m not picking someone from my list to write about this week, instead a topic sprung itself into my brain today so I’ll be going with that.

I’ve been going through some old ideas over the past few days- you know the type; scribbled notes, rough drawings, basic research references and a final concept that needs a bit of tlc, but at the time this idea was either put on the backburner, panned or unfortnetly forgotten about. Personally, I try to keep track of all of these small or initial ideas until there is time to look back, but this time I needed to look back to gain little inspiration from my work, more like a re-vamp as I had started to doubt my current ideas for one reason or another, and this gave me a chance to revive some lost ideas and go back to the foundations of others so that I now have a fresh, restored ideas that I hopefully have improved! So they’ll be getting started on very soon :) I have mentioned before that I think it can be important to go back to initial research, methods and ideas to recuperate current work, and I now believe that  more than ever- there’s nothing quite like going back to your roots.


This is photography work I’m talking about, but my roots do go back to my gcse art and design days which stem to the influences I have gained from then from exploring the art world. College work was even brought up today, and me being me keeps a list of practitioners and ideas from these sketch books to look at when I need to, the sketch books themselves are nice to go through now and then just to see how far you’ve come. However it occurred to me that I never really look back to anything before gcse and today remembered how I originally  stepped my pinkie toe into the art world.

It started with a lemon.

Not this lemon, this is an example lemon. The original lemon was done in pastel, one of those bowl-of-fruit set ups in year 8 when we were being taught about form, texture, shape, tone etc etc and i was desperate to move up in the sets- I loved art class and wanted more- I’d been practicing drawing at home and the teacher nearly always recognised that I was doing well but I still wanted top set, and this lemon pushed me up there all because of the shading. I’d added extra shading and colour and my teacher literally walked me out of class there and then and into the set one class room. weeeeeeeeeeee!!

Awesome :P I did have a lot of catching up to do though, I remember that first lesson and everyone was line drawing glass wine bottles.. mine felt inferior to the others I could see on the table I’d just sat at and I felt like a it of an intruder. So I worked at my technique and before I knew it I was going into an early Art GCSE with the rest of the set one’s. Yeeahh, Fast-Track Art. I still often felt like I wasn’t good enough to be there- I had a bad habit of comparing my work to others- but that just gave me more drive to do more work and take more time to do so. I think I’ve always been like that- I even did it in uni and in the end it paid off;  it was worth those moments of doubt when the outcome was better than what I had in mind at the beginning. Except for that lemon, that lemon was perfect in every way shape and form :P I didn’t get it back though…

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