Curly Wurly 29/6/12

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I’m baaack! For real real this time, although I’m thinking of taking my CW blogs down to once a fortnight so that I can concentrate more on the weekly photo blogs. I wont make excuses, I’ll just say that I had so many lists of things and people’s work that I wanted to write about that I was completely put off every time I opened my laptop. I didn’t want to dread blogging and it got to the point where I didn’t know where to start so I just stopped… but now I’ve an organise and a complete write off of some lists so I feel like I can start over fresh :) I want to enjoy blogging again.

So today I’ll have an update of some of the bits and bobs I’ve been up to over the last few weeks. Last time I believe I spoke about my new website and I’ve uploaded recent images to that including one’s from the Lincolnshire Show, my photo walks, 35mm film I finally eventually got developed and I’ve even written some of my own photo blogs. Today I wrote about a couple of new projects that I have on the go at the moment, both tableau, surprise surprise, one based on the poem “Fancy That” and the other is a home-made narrative:

The “Breaking Point” idea that was born through an Ideas-generation scribble in one of my sketch books. It stems from one of my old tableau ideas of looking into moments of people in their relationships – their situation, personality etc and it was literally just a side note until Graham (yelling at concrete) noticed it and picked up on it’s potential as a series of it’s own instead of a situation for a couple in a staged piece. So we’ll be collaborating on this series which revolves around annoyances that are encountered in the home and with other people and as it’s title will suggest, it will capture the moment just before the protagonist breaks.

These annoyances will range from the little, everyday things that build up until you crack to bigger things that happen in the home or with your partner and will explore themes of pressure and patience in a variety of situations and with different personalities/ characters.

And as you can see here this is a very big annoyance. A roof leak is probably one of the biggest and most difficult situations that we’re going to tackle on this project (and may return to this a well) as it required a lot of editing to get the drops juusst right. As for the character, I wanted it to look like he had been sat for a fair while- almost like he had sat through the whole process of the rain falling in and the heaviest of the leaks in his ceiling, as you can see by the half filled pans and glasses, and was now just about to, well, let go. As an added frustration I also wanted it to look like he was just getting ready for work when this incident occurred which is why he is dressed in a now damp shirt and also why the morning sun is so bright on the curtains. In actual fact we shot at night, I got to use my new flash kit for this :D so once I got the composition and the light right it was quite a fun shoot, I got to spill water and everything haha :P

and Graham and I have always worked well; he knew what expressions I meant for his character to have, the most difficult aspect of this was getting his reflection right in the mirror and even that wasn’t a strenuous task. Which I why I’m now thinking we will do some more bigger annoyances/ situations.


I hope that was a sufficient update :P to top it off here’s a pic of the London 2012 olympic torch I took in Lincoln :D back soon!

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