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Ok so this week’s blog is delayed by a few days but I think attending a wedding can be a good enough excuse as any, so moving on, this week is another where by I didn’t really know what to discuss before writing. I always find this is a bad way of writing blogs as it lacks structure and direction, others however find it the easiest way to write. Anyway this week I shall be writing about… the press and media in regards to their role towards privacy. This is of course more directed at film, so actors, directors etc. but does also include some general publication interest as well.

For some of the time the press can be a film’s friend. They can help promote a film, often with free advertising as they write reviews about the film. They can help build hype around a rumoured or starting project and can even at times help secure certain actors for certain roles due to public campaigns, such as Samuel L. Jackson in ‘Snakes On A Plane’. However the remainder of the time (which just so happens to constitute most of the time) they publish shit and appear more so to be intruding into famous peoples’ lives. My attention was mainly focused on this due to the rumour of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s potential marriage this weekend. This news was plastered all over the internet, and yet what evidence is there that the couple may get married so soon? Pitt has been making extra arrangements for his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary (I only read this to be able to include a reference about it in this blog). This constitutes news? Somebody has simply made this up as no evidence stands to prove it correct. This however isn’t my only issue with this news; who cares if they are getting married this weekend. It will be a private and intimate ceremony between themselves and their loved ones, why do we need to know this information, it’s not like we’ve been invited but the invite got lost in the mail so it works out well to find out the exact date, time and place of the wedding via newspaper and internet articles.

This isn’t the only cause for my ranting though. There are countless times when I think to myself ‘why the hell is this news’, one which pops to mind actually quite conveniently leads onto my next point. The press seem to have a very large and highly out of perspective ego, something which they refuse to have questioned. This can be demonstrated via Hugh Grant. I read not too long ago in an interview that he has been threatened by the press for private information about relationships. Now of course ignoring the phone hacking scandals this seems highly intrusive, why should someone want to divulge their private matters in the press because they are asked? The simple answer, or at least from the press’s perspective is simply that they’ll give a poor review of his next film or write some false article ridiculing him about being homophobic, only to contradict this a week later by claiming that he’s gay. The point is that the press believe that they are such a force to be reckoned with that nobody can say no to them. Now in terms of the falsified articles; this can be solved via a lawsuit, which can cause a lot of hassle and stress, as demonstrated by the Levison Enquiry, but nonetheless is a solution. In regards to the poor reviews; the press actually have little impact on audience attention and participation when it comes to their reviews. In ┬áthe studio’s mind the only reviews which truly matter are written by publications which would not write a poor review because they actor wouldn’t co-operate with them. The studios also have enough money to splash around on advertising to build a hype behind the film that it wouldn’t matter what anybody says. Take ‘The Hobbit’ as an example. It was recently revealed that the film will be released as a trilogy. I personally think that they are milking the film beyond all belief and that it certainly would need two films but not ┬áthree films to give the book justice. Either way, it may turn out that Peter Jackson and the entire cast turn down interviews for The Sun. Said shit stirring publication could then write article after article about the entire cast enjoying lynches followed by orgies whilst abusing animals and disabled children. Nobody would care. They could quite clearly see this to be shite and as the demand is already there to see ‘The Hobbit’ people would choose to ignore the article as they simply want to see the film. Therefore the press actually have little impact on what audiences will see but like to think that they do.

Now at times the press can be informative, such as keeping me up to date with the goings on of Hollywood and the cogs within the film industry; the latest snippets of info being that ‘Dumber & Dumber 2′ filming will be delayed until spring next year, likewise ‘Bill & Ted 3′ filming being delayed until the same time due to previous commitments from cast and crew. This info does have to be dissected however from layers of bullshit which I would rather not otherwise know. This does quite nicely lead me onto my final point within this short ranting blog. It does fill me with some satisfaction when actors, directors etc. escape the press all the time. An example being Keanu Reeves. When I first learned of ‘Bill & Ted 3′ I got thinking about what Alex Winter (Bill) has done since ‘Bill & Ted’, it turns out not much. However trying to trace what Keanu Reeves has been up to outside of films is equally as challenging. Now Winter has been out of the limelight hence not knowing what he’s been up to, Reeves on the other hand has been in some pretty massive films since ‘Bill & Ted’, ‘Speed’ and ‘The Matrix’ trilogy and ‘Constantine’ to name but a few. He has instead been able to remain elusive to the press. Reeves actually has a personal life, something everyone else has as well. This I feel is important to anyone. Seems a bit like an obvious statement to write but when people troll the internet and spend hours each day searching for new updates on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce it seems depressing; why can’t famous people have a private life like us, if cameras intruded into our life we would kick the shit out of the them like some celebrities do. Some argue that famous people owe the public their private life as they fuel their fame, my only response to this is what a loading of fucking bullshit. So I shall leave you with a image to make you chuckle after that heavy hitting rant (even though I buy cheap viagra know the press probably cooked up some stupid story as to why Reeves is upset, the truth is probably he’s just had a really good sandwich and is sad that he hasn’t got anymore left, or at least that’s what I like to think).


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