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As a man with many hats and never wanting to stop creating I’m part of multiple collaborations, the main of which is Tube of Doom! Tube of doom is a collaborative comedy channel on YouTube made up of myself and cohort Matt Brodigan. We bring a selection of comedic shorts created initially to make ourselves chuckle as well as our collaborative efforts in more substantial ventures such as music videos and serious short cinema.

If you would like to know more about either one of us you can by following the links below!
After stumbling across each other whilst studying for our degree we decided to join forces and our love of film in order to collaborate and explore all film has to offer. And finishing  education gave us time and motivation to form The Tube Of Doom; a YouTube venture which has taken the form of comedic shorts!
We hope eventually to move into more serious matters in the form of commissions and films of our own but for now will settle for commenting on / picking apart pop culture.
You can find The Tube of Doom on
Facebook <—-Link
Youtube <—Link

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