Yelling at concrete – Mother hidden in images,

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Back in the 1800′s when time was invented, it took around two hours to take a photograph this meant that whilst people were discussing the fact that this new fangled tech could steal your very soul you had to sit still for an hour or two to get a 6×4 of yourself grimacing into a lens. This also meant however that there were parents who of course must have their little ones photographed, because as any modern photographer can tell you parents love to have their kids photographed, and we love to watch them stress out in photo-shoots trying to stop their child from crying, wandering of the mat and over all acting like a child. But you have to stop and think that would modern parents be able to put the work in today to get an image as they did back in the day.

What do I mean by that you ask? Well think of it like this, A child needs to sit still for two hours to have their image taken, that will not be possible without parental intervention and so the only real option is, hide the parent.

You ever notice how old images of children always have the kid sat on a table or chair which is draped in excessive amounts of material? or that the wall with the drape seems to be especially lumpy? It’s because behind all that clever decor is a tentative adult holding their child in place, making sure this expensive and lengthy process goes to plan.

Not convinced? take a look again at the image set up above from a slightly different angle with a less crafty mother.

Apparently there was a real problem with ghosts sneaking into images back in the 1800′s So before parents get disgruntled when a photographer asks them to restrain or hold their child, think about how far we have come and be glad their not asking your to don a bed sheet and hold your kid still for two hours.

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