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Ok so a day late I know, but it’s been a bit hectic so I’m sure you lucky people can forgive me. I was torn about what to write about this week (actually having two things in contention hasn’t happened in a while). I’ve been struggling with writing about actors (vague I know but it will all soon be revealed) or up coming films to watch out for, and I’ve settled on… up coming films.

I realise that every now and then I may do a blog on any up and coming films that I’m greatly anticipating, but as new films come out all the time I can get away with this, and there are a fair few films which should be looked out for. These films vary in the style genre and release dates (some only being announced as starting production). So I shall start with ‘Seven Psychopaths’.

This film sneaked up on me; one minute I hadn’t heard of it and the next it’s soon to be released (premièring at the London Film Festival in October). The film focuses on a struggling screenwriter, who with the help of his actor friend and accomplice dog-nap a gangsters beloved Shih Tzu. The film is helmed by Martin McDonagh (‘In Bruges’), so be prepared for plenty of dark humour (karate chopping a midget and telling a group of fat Americans that they’re, well fat), mixed with some more serious moments contemplating life. The film brings Colin Farrell back with McDonagh as the struggling screenwriter, and lets face it Farrell can pull off confused pretty damn well, so being someone who is dragged into the criminal underworld via your friends seems to match Farrell to a T. The film also boasts Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken buy viagra online and Woody Harrelson, so is certainly a film to look out for with that cast alone .

‘Killing Them Softly’ is a film I’ve been looking forward to since they released the first still of the film showing Brad Pitt wielding a shotgun with a slick back mafia look about him. The film focus on an enforcer who investigates a heist of a mob-protected poker game. The film looks like it could be like another generic mafia based ‘all things go wrong and then worse’ films, but it looks like it could compete with the likes of ‘Heat’ and ‘Goodfellas’ (except less hardcore than ‘Goodfellas’). Stylistically from what can be seen in the trailer, it looks pretty intense and having Pitt as the enforcer who you would never like to meet or know is a perfect piece of casting as he can have that friendly don’t mess with me attitude, seen partially in ‘Fight Club’ (except more goof ball in that instance). And we only have to wait a few weeks for it’s UK release date (21st Sept).

The next in the line up is one which fellow blogger Matt Hawkridge has written about to an extent. I am of course talking about ‘Cloud Atlas’. Matt mentioned this in his blog about David Mitchell (no not ‘Peep Show’ David Mitchell), and his book ‘Number9dream’. Mitchell shot to fame with his book ‘Cloud Atlas’ which has been made into a film by the Matrix duo the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer (‘Run Lola Run’). There’s not much I can say about this film except watch the trailer. I mean it, stop reading this, go watch the trailer and then return. It looks truly inspiring, focusing on characters in different time periods (spanning hundreds of years), and how actions ripples through time, similar to a delayed Butterfly Effect. The film also forms an impressive cast with Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Jim Broadbent, Susan Sarandon, Ben Whishaw, Xun Zhou and Hugh Grant (from what I’ve seen in interviews completely breaking his charmish typecast). Though you’ll have to wait until March next year to be able to catch it at cinemas, and it’s a film I truly believe will not compare to home viewing.

So the next on the list is a joint effort so to speak, well because both revolve around Edgar Wright. The first is the final instalment of the ‘blood and ice cream’ trilogy (‘Shaun Of The Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’ forming the earlier instalments), the aptly named ‘The World’s End’. You don’t even have to know the premiss of the film to know it’s going to be good. Penned by Wright and Simon Pegg (much like the previous two in the trilogy) and starring Pegg, Nick Frost and recently confirmed Paddy Considine. The film revolves around a group of school friends having a pub crawl reunion with the hope of the world and for mankind being weighed up in the process. So it seems that there will probably be the same sort of humour and scenarios available that appeared in ‘Shaun Of The Dead’. Either way this film has only just started production so don’t expect anything until August next year. The second Wright film is Ant-Man. A film which has been in the works for nearly a decade (no joke). Wright was originally rumoured to be writing and directing this adaptation of the Marvel hero who can shrink to the size of an ant and grow back to normal size at will (as well as being able to communicate with insects), but then he was replaced and they were replaced and the project was shelved and so on. Well it has been completely confirmed (at this years Comic Con) that Wright is indeed co-writing and directing this film. There has been no casting details revealed yet, nor a start date for production let only release date, but lets just hope for a 2014 release (as Wright has to finish ‘The World’s End’). Adrian Brody was rumoured to play Henry Pym (Ant-Man) before and plenty of fans have expressed their desire to see him take the helm but only time can tell. Ant-Man is of course part of ‘The Avengers’ team, so it looks like he may get a reference in ‘The Avengers 2′, but not appear in the film (as ‘The Avengers 2′ has a release date for 2015 and ‘Ant-Man’ doesn’t). Either way it make you wonder what other characters involved with the Avengers bunch they make into films (Wasp, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch) and why they aren’t making a ‘Hulk’ sequel (bear in mind they’re making a ‘Captain America 2′, ‘Thor 2′, and ‘Iron Man 3′).

So that sums up the current list of my most anticipated film. There are more but I thought this blog was already getting pretty long so would leave it there. I guess you’ll have to wait until next week to understand the vagueness of my blog about actors.


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  1. Bob says:

    thanks for the heads up on 7 psychopaths. that one crept up on me too. i know im not asleep, but i feel im in a dream. f**king fairytale!