Yelling at concrete – I will watch Alan Rickman do anything.

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Its official I will watch Alan Rickman do anything, this  video is the latest release from David Michalek an artist obsessed with drama, his series Portraits in Dramatic Time focuses on theater actors using their craft to give powerful and personable performances in brief moments.

“the piece offers a unique and secret glimpse into some of the world’s greatest performing artists. The work strives to present viewers with an eclectic list of artists both well-known and under-recognized. This work is a follow-up to Slow Dancing, which premiered at the 2007 Lincoln Center Festival, and featured a series of 45 larger-than-life, hyper-slow-motion video portraits of dancers and choreographers from around the world: – From Michalek’s website.

Whilst the pieces themselves are stunning, taken with HD super fast paced cameras in order to capture the right movements and correct definition of each individual fragment of action, I feel they raise a better question in what we are will to acceptably watch.

I spend a lot of time online i mean A LOT of time online especially on Youtube Vimeo and the like which means I am privy the good the bad and the ugly of video making, and I have watched some terrible things, and I don’t mean in terms of subject ( OK I have also watched some Terrible things in terms of subject War and such) but terribly shot terribly acted pieces as well. But I sit and watch them for the duration I sat through whole films which have been awful, taken time out of my day to watch bastions of what is basically crap.

As well as this, meaningless videos which literally are up for no reason other than to titillate, why in the world do I want to watch a looped clip of a cat hovering around a garden? I don’t know but I’ve watched it and I’ll probably watch it again!

As a culture we have evolved in the world of knowing, technology and news have given s instant access to everything and rather than distinguishing between what we will acceptably watch and what we wont; we just watch everything! Take Rebecca Black for instance her video if it had been release back in the nineties it would have flopped it wouldn’t have even made a dent in the world as it would have been seen once and discarded but in our world now it has been projected to the video history walls!

So worried are we about missing something and so worried are we about never wanting to be out of the loop we keep watching just for the sake of it.

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