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So it’s time for an update, The Focus Project is undertaking a new realm: it’s accepting new and glorious submissions! As of October we are are undertaking a new project- a project you can feel free to get fully involved within!

The Focus Project is made up of artists, people who can manipulate and interpret subjects into glorious art, we class ourselves as creatives of the most imaginative caliber and we would love to see what you can create as well!

So here is the idea, the project, the low down on our creative en-devour; Every month we shall be setting a theme, a subject, a notion into the world and accepting reactions to that! We have enlisted our members to create work each month for the theme but it is not just their reactions and ideas we want, we want you! the public to submit things to us to show us what you have, what you can create in a month! We want Focus to return to its roots and become the collective it has always intended to be to collaborate to and experiment with the people of the world. This allows us a great opportunity to explore your work, to meet creative people like ourselves and not only that but gets your work some great exposure as well as feedback!

So keep and eye on our website and our page for a look at work coming from ourselvesĀ and the fantastic artists of the world, as well as for a notification of the theme so you can get involved and show us what you have got!

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We hope to hear from you soon!

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