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So where have we been? that is the question and I guess I should answer it, The Focus Project has been inactive according to our archives for just over a year, so what have we been doing with our time?

Back then we were a group of many, a collective which had grown around the participation of many writers and bloggers and they were all working hard to give us their best and introduce their opinions to the world wide web and they were very good which was to be honest our downfall. They all went on and gradually left us; moving on to bigger and brighter things ( that being the downfall of any business which isn’t particularly profit motivated we were unable to pay them and so volunteering their time they wrote for us!) We are as it stands a non-profit and having lives and businesses outside of this website we too had fallen to the wayside.

We formed the website as a way of keeping active with the creative world we wanted to be able to communally pool our ideas and opinions and resources to guide and advise others and we think we did that we managed that but when our writers needed to blossom and our own lives taking twists and turns we found it hard to keep the day to day of the website running and so it was resolved to but us on a long term hiatus (Though a year was longer than we had initially intended) and therefore we were left with the original members; a selection of three which were there from the very beginning, myself, Jeanine Marteau and Matt Brodigan.

I’m sure Matt and Jeanine will tell you where they have been and how things have changed since we closed the site but today I’d like to talk about myself if that’s not too self indulgent.

My life since that fateful closure has been in a way unchanged; my goals have remained the same and over I’m still in the same position I was a year ago but now with a greater knowledge of not only various industries but of how to attain what I have been aiming towards.

My goal if your unaware is to be a film-maker I love creating and film-making is the one aspect of the creative industry which allows me to utilise all aspects of my interests and personality and so in the last year I have been working on that, I have made freelance work for clients, music videos for bands, highlight videos for businesses and of course throughout that continued to produce vlogs to make sure I am keenly making videos at all steps of the way ( At the moment I’m currently trying to make a video every day in September ).  But with the film-industry in the North-East of England being a little sparse I have made tracks to introduce myself and my work in other ways, working as a writer during an internship at a local company, forming my a t-shirt and design company and overall branding myself. Rather than pushing one aspect of what I’m capable off I have found it easier and more fruitful to simply do everything to participate in everything to make the most of my talents by utilising them all!

I formed a company called Optic Apparel which initially is an independent clothing label I produce illustrations for it and sell the t-shirts via an online store www.opticapparel.bigcartel.com but my use of photography and film have overlapped into that producing photo-shoots with Jeanine and films to advertise the brand with Matt. It’s a company I’m quite proud of I will have been trading for a year in December and though I haven’t been able to make a profit I have made ends meet and gotten myself of Job seekers at least.

So really this is just a round up, I thought I’d show off a few things let you know the reasons and the rhymes for the way things have been and make just an edge into getting back into the swing, at the moment we are considering doing a blog a week from each contender after this initial splurge, but you can expect a real blog discussing some fact of life later this week!

If you would and are interested you can check out some of my recent work below, or find the store for Optic Apparel!

Professor Elemental live at the Strait and Narrow Lincoln (2013) from Graham Cooling on Vimeo.

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