In 2010 we formed The Focus Project and it thrived! It was formed by a group of University students as a place for them to be a collective, to pool their creative talents and show the world what they were up to, but it had another intention as well, to bring a methodology and prestige back to art and film which we felt had become trashy in the rise of programs such as instagram and the rise of digital.

We truly have a passion for the creative crafts and for the visual medium so to see it demeaned in any way was disheartening and so the collective grew! New members joined who wanted nothing more than to spread the word on truly good work, to overshadow poorly conceived and poorly created work by telling the world about all the awesome creative and inspirational things which they came across. We did this in the form of blogs; weekly blogs were posted from a range of writers all from a range of backgrounds but eventually people move on. We’re a non profit and so volunteers can only hold on for so long until something new comes along and they needed to leave us!

Focus needed to evolve again, it reduced back down to it’s initial members; the people who began the project in the first place and they too had moved on since the beginning of the collective having forged their own paths, each now graduated and working in the real world, each with different creative experiences.

The Focus Project once more is a place for them to pool their work, discuss creative issues and let them write about the industry and other great creatives they find out and about, so if your interested and fancy a read why not check out their blogs and find out a little more about the people involved and the worlds they live in.

Matt Brodigan

Graham Cooling

Jeanine Marteau





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