Graham Cooling – Yellingatconcrete

Hi there! my name’s Graham and I’m a freelance film-maker and illustrator!

Having created everything from avant-garde fine art films to music videos; along with short narrative I keep myself on my toes and deeply involved in the creative industry! This occurs in many ways; from the clothing brand I formed to put my illustration skills to use (Optic Apparel), to the weekly video blogs I post on YouTube as well as involving myself in multiple collaborations with various other creatives and projects!

Having graduated from Lincoln University in 2011 with a degree in Contemporary Lens Media, I specialised in moving image and received a 1st for my dissertation which you can read on my ! I’ve always been willing to try my hand at anything and I hope you’ll have a look through my weekly blogs on here as well my website and see if you like my style!

Always with the belief that knowledge is power I’m constantly looking to gain valuable hands on experience in the professional industry, whilst gaining contacts for future short films and projects. The creative industry can be a tough and ruthless field to step into, but I like a challenge and work hard at everything I engage with, I usually write about my views on film, my experiences with various situations and over all look at the effect film has rather than the process of its production.

If you would like to know more feel free to explore the website and perhaps check out some of my other escapades! (Links, videos and a few of my favourite photo’s below!)

Cleethorpes Grahamstill life copyIsolation copy heart#2 copy

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