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I originally gained an interest in film back in secondary school, I just simply started watching everything I could get my hands on. I then took some advice (maybe quite naively) I saw from a Quentin Tarantino interview, ‘watch everything and anything, no matter how bad it may be’, so I did and have stuck by this ethos ever since. It has meant that my film collection is overflowing and that I have wasted my time with some rather terrible trash over the years. The benefit I suppose from watching absolutely everything means that I can see where films don’t work and figure out why that’s the case and vice versa with films which do work.

Anyway, I developed a love for film so studied film theory before progressing onto the more practical side of filmmaking. Whilst at University I narrowed my skills down to camera operation and editing, however my true passion has been put in script writing, it’s the one thing which I can also do without a budget or a crew to work with. I can always just turn on my computer or grab some paper and pen and start writing more of a script. Since graduating I’ve worked on various projects in many different roles, but still focusing around where my background lies in camera operating or editing in some capacity or another. I currently freelance with these skills but continue to write scripts to develop into projects, in fact I’m currently working through my first feature script.

‘Into The Void’ is a place where I express my opinions on film. This can vary from trends which are currently in the film world, or updates surrounding releases or projects in Hollywoodland and the rest of the world through to individual film reviews and advice/tips for developing filmmakers.

So that’s me, below you can see my Showreel which just shows the sort of work I’ve done before.

Showreel 2013 from Matt Brodigan on Vimeo.

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